What's more important than our friends and families, those whom we love and cherish? Don't we all have photographs of friends and family members that we take out from time to time and enjoy? These bring smiles to our faces and generate warm memories....

This illustrates the sometimes underestimated value of a well made professional portrait; a sensitive and thoughtful image that just seems to capture the essence of a person's character. For that moment, it becomes our connection to that person, and that warm, intimate feeling we get comes back each time we view the image. Seeing it on our wall, we continue enjoying it every day.


Things To Consider:

 * A family wall portrait becomes a source of pride in a family, enhancing the recognition of and  appreciation for each family member… it promotes a warm sense of unity and of belonging for each family member.

 * Perhaps there is a beloved senior member of the family. A well made portrait can preserve a  special moment together, for all time to come and for all the family to cherish.

 * We can celebrate our children with a fun, yet sensitive portrait while they're walking in the woods, romping in a sunny field, playing with the family dog, or quietly reading a favorite book  together.

 * Something every professional can use is a contemporary business portrait, for marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networking venues.

Family reunions, anniversaries and holidays, special occasions, senior and graduation sessions, engagement and wedding portraits... these are all times when great images preserve the joy and warm feelings, and can continue bringing back happy memories for many years.

At Russell Evans Photography, we offer a no obligation, complementary consultation where we can get acquainted and exchange ideas. Together we can plan and schedule your own portrait session. These are a lot of fun, and we're confident you'll be delighted with the results!


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